A one-of-a-kind experience

Goa, Feb. 25 -- It is one of life's great joys to try something that is interesting. Something that will keep you fascinated for the rest of your life. Diving is one such activity. Diving in Goa is an... Read More

A match made in heaven but held in Goa

Goa, Feb. 21 -- Goa is playing host to another celebrity marriage these days. Rakul Preet Singh is getting married to Jackky Bhagnani in a plush destination wedding. They will yet be another in a long... Read More

TRACK & FIELD the good athletes

Goa, Feb. 11 -- woa had rich haul of medals in the recently held National Games, which was possible mainly with the help of athletes imported from outside. The State can actually celebrate victory at ... Read More

Breast cancer is the worst in Goa

Goa, Feb. 4 -- World Cancer Day is more than a day on the calendar. As the world commemorates the day, there are certain hard facts that cannot be ignored. Goa sees around 1500 new cancer patients eve... Read More

It is the right angle that matters

Goa, Jan. 19 -- This year India will be represented by the largest team ever at the World Photographic cup. To be held in Dallas Texas the team of twenty will be captained by Goan, Rohan Goes. The tea... Read More

It is all about friendship

Goa, Jan. 18 -- A konkani film interspersed with a few dialogues in Hindi called 'Konso' is creating a buzz at the film institute in Pune. It has also been selected for two film festivals. The film is... Read More

Pushing the limit into the unknown

Goa, Jan. 17 -- Pushing the limit is part of human DNA. It has led to some of the great discoveries that have benefited mankind. It has also led to physical feats that boggle the mind. The first trip ... Read More

Not children of a lesser god

Goa, Jan. 11 -- The ongoing International Purple Fest has approximately ten thousand plus participants every day and that number is expected to increase in the days ahead. The scope of this fest is st... Read More

There is no more music in the air

Goa, Jan. 10 -- The tourist season has been average, to put it mildly. The number of foreign visitors has reduced dramatically due to the armed conflicts in Ukraine and Palestine. Though it could be s... Read More


Goa, Jan. 6 -- The need for good quality advice in financial matters can never be discounted. As the world gets complex it is important to possess the expertise to interpret it in simple language for ... Read More