GU online classes: Principals approve, all students yet to click on

Goa, Aug. 13 -- The decision to allow colleges affiliated to the Goa University to conduct classes from September 1 has been generally welcomed by the academic and student community. Students in the h... Read More

What is the idea of freedom, for Goans in the year of the pandemic

Goa, Aug. 12 -- "May we think of freedom not as the right to do as we please but as the opportunity to do what is right"- Late Peter Marshall, Pastor, Chaplain of the US Senate Independent India turn... Read More

If the beautiful game turns ugly, stadiums will forever be empty

Goa, Aug. 11 -- Last week Friday Herald broke a story that was heartbreaking. The Asian Football Federation had red-flagged the state association about six matches played in the Goa Professional Leagu... Read More

Watch out before you workout

Goa, July 31 -- Exercising one's body is one of the pleasures of life. A fit body is a fit mind. An entire industry has emerged that is built around the human race's urge to stay fit. A substantial pe... Read More

A capital mess: Panjim's market of filth

Goa, July 30 -- What is obvious to any visitor is the rather poor state of the market. Or more specifically the presence of garbage, the leaking walls, and the general sense of the facility being unwa... Read More

People's voices need to be heard in the Assembly through discussion

Goa, July 29 -- The Assembly passed eleven bills in a day. The state budget totaling approximately Rs 21,000 crore was cleared by the government without a discussion. There was no discussion on demand... Read More

Goa's school reopening mantra: One step at a time and slow steps

Goa, July 23 -- The students are attending classes online and downloading videos and notes emailed by the teachers. They may not be coming over to the school but their education is on. Some students m... Read More

The business of weddings is tied up in knots

Goa, July 17 -- It was the dream destination. Couples of all shades flocked to Goa to get married on a beautiful beach or in one of the fancier five-star properties. It was not unusual for groups comp... Read More

Fancy restaurants, hotels, taking home delivery in their own hands

Goa, July 16 -- The virus has laid low every industry operating today. Jobs have been lost and factories shut. Sections of the hospitality industry have reopened. Restaurants have reopened in these st... Read More

A book for the times

Panjim, June 17 -- A book featuring sixty-five poems on subjects as diverse as the Coronavirus, the rage that has enveloped parts of the world following the killing of George Floyd and the role of adv... Read More