Rooted Everyday to Organize Biodiversity-Themed Creative Writing Contest

Rabat, April 2 -- Rooted Everyday, an environmental campaign focused on the Mediterranean, is launching an environment-themed writing competition on April 2. The short story competition is open for w... Read More

'Morocco Day' Festival Expands to Another US City

Rabat, April 2 -- Likewise, starting this year, Mayor Justin Wilson of Alexandria, Virginia, has proclaimed June 9 as an annual day to celebrate Moroccan culture and history. Mohamed El Hajjam, the p... Read More

Moroccan Rihab Sadik Contributes to NASA's ISS Crew Launch to Space

Rabat, April 1 -- Rihab Sadik, 27, attended the launching of t he International Space Station (ISS) crew members who went on a spacewalk last Friday to repair the space station's old batteries. Sadik... Read More

In Pictures: Pope John Paul II's Visit to Morocco in 1985

Rabat, March 30 -- As Pope Francis's arrival in Rabat today marks the second papal visit to Morocco, the event is reminiscent of John Paul II's visit to the country in 1985 -his first to a Muslim coun... Read More

Moroccan Police Arrest Security Guard for Raping, Robbing Woman with Baby

Rabat, March 30 -- The National Brigade of Judicial Police (BNPJ) in Mehdya near Kenitra arrested on Thursday a night guard who, armed with a sharp weapon, robbed a woman and raped her in front of her... Read More

Morocco Approves Draft Decree Supporting Female Victims of Violence

Rabat, March 29 -- The weekly government council approved a draft decree against violence on Thursday on the elimination of sexual harassment and gender-based violence. The draft decree 2.18.856-pres... Read More

Algerians March in Anti-Bouteflika Protests, Reject Army Intervention

Rabat, March 29 -- On the sixth Friday since the start of anti-Bouteflika demonstrations in Algeria, tens of thousands of Algerians took to the street calling for both the president and his political ... Read More

Moroccan Education Minister Vows to Fire Protesting Contractual Teachers

Rabat, March 28 -- Minister of Education Said Amzazi said that contractual teachers are hampering their students' education with their strikes and demonstrations, vowing to expel the protesting teache... Read More

Bouteflika's FLN Party Supports Protesters' Calls for His Dismissal

Rabat, March 28 -- The Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN), President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's party, called for the invocation of the Algerian Constitution's Article 102, allowing for the removal ... Read More

Moroccan Political Parties Agree to Teach More School Subjects in French

Rabat, March 28 -- After long debates, Moroccan Minister of Education Said Amzazi's proposal to teach more subjects in French at schools has won the favor of the majority of the heads of political par... Read More