Video: Dubai crown prince stops using his SUV after bird builds nest on it

Dubai, Aug. 14 -- In a sweet gesture, Dubai's Crown prince Sheikh Hamdan cordoned off the area around his Mercedes-AMG G63, after he spotted a bird building its nest on it. In a video that he shared ... Read More

A timeline of hate crimes against Muslims in India

Hyderabad, Aug. 13 -- CJ Werleman Hate crimes against Muslims in India have exploded since Narendra Modi's party came to power in 2014, with religious-based hate crimes surging nearly 30% in the 2014... Read More

Father shares Rs 8 crore among sons, they make him homeless

Husnabad, Aug. 11 -- It was not long ago when a daughter denied performing her father's last rites in Telangana. There has occurred another shocking event in Husnabad. An old father who worked hard fo... Read More

It is all about Binod: How a comment made him viral?

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People inclining towards religion, family in lockdown: Survey

Hyderabad, Aug. 10 -- Today's ever busy schedules and competitive lifestyles have carried a great number of people away from their families, neighbors and in some cases have led them to a faith crisis... Read More

IMA writes to PM Modi after 196 doctors succumb to Covid

New Delhi, Aug. 9 -- Disturbed by incidences of doctors not receiving proper beds and treatments after getting infected with Covid-19, the Indian Medical Association has written a letter to Prime Mini... Read More

Delhi Riots: Muslims thank Siasat Daily for revival of their small businesses

Delhi, Aug. 9 -- Small scale businessmen and shop owners in Northeast Delhi have showed their gratitude towards Editor The Siasat Daily, Mr Zahid Ali Khan and Faiz e Aam Trust Secretary Mr Iftekhar Hu... Read More

1 month of Secretariat mosques demolition: TRS takes no action

Hyderabad, Aug. 8 -- After one month of demolishing the historic mosques of the old Secretariat building, there is no action taken by the state so far. Despite rising anger among the Muslim community,... Read More

Disha Salian's father writes to police: 'Media cooked stories'

Hyderabad, Aug. 7 -- Satish Salian, father of late celebrity manager Disha Salian has written a letter to Mumbai Police on Wednesday alleging harassment and atrocity by the media on his family. Disha ... Read More

Jain International to treat COVID patients for an affordable price

Hyderabad, Aug. 7 -- As a ray of hope for many poor and middle class people, Jain International Trade Organisation (JITO) has come forward for the treatment of corona affected at an affordable cost of... Read More