LIGO and Virgo announce first confirmed detection of intermediate mass black hole

India, Sept. 3 -- The LIGO/Virgo collaboration has announced another gravitational wave detection, the event being called GW190521. The nomenclature is based on the date of the detection, which was 21... Read More

The craziest F1 cars

India, July 26 -- In the quest for perfect aerodynamics, traction and downforce, engineers have come up with some strange F1 car designs. While only a few of them have proven themselves, regulations h... Read More

Using networking algorithms to explore beyond the standard model

India, July 26 -- At the LHC, the physics starts from a glass bottle storing hydrogen atoms. The electrons are stripped from the atoms, allowing the isolated protons to be fed through a series of part... Read More

Is anything older than the Universe

India, July 26 -- According to our current understanding, time as we know it began with the Big Bang. Physics does not have a concept of before the Big Bang, because there is no way to measure such a ... Read More

The future of Autonomous cars

India, July 26 -- Ethical considerations The ethics of self driving cars can be summed up by the trolly problem. In the classic version of the problem, there is a trolley barrelling down the tracks, ... Read More

Membraneless Organelles

India, July 12 -- within the cell are a number of membraneless organelles (MLOs), without any structural boundary. These are composed of protein filaments and RNA. Some examples of MLOs include the ri... Read More

We still dont know how sexual reproduction got started

India, July 12 -- 99.99 percent of eukaryotes reproduce sexually. The earliest life forms on Earth reproduced asexually, so it follows that sexual reproduction evolved and persisted. Exactly why thoug... Read More

Interstellar interloper 20

India, July 12 -- On August 30, 2019, a Crimean amateur astronomer named Gennadiy Borisov discovered a moving object against a stationary starfield and checked it against the database of the Minor Pla... Read More