Cricket in the time of conflict

Manchester, June 15 -- Amrit Mathur, the manager of India's World Cup team in 2003, narrates a tale that puts in perspective the off-field pressures that players are subjected to in the lead-up to an ... Read More

Cup forecast: Hard rain's gonna fall

NOTTINGHAM, June 14 -- It was called off only at 3pm local time after the umpires, Marais Erasmus and Paul Reiffel, walked out for their fourth and final inspection-this time, suggestively, under umbr... Read More

Battle of unbeaten if rain allows

NOTTINGHAM, June 13 -- As things stand at this World Cup, the India-New Zealand fixture here in Trent Bridge has shaped up as the contest to decide the only remaining unbeaten team of the tournament. ... Read More

Dhawan injury sets India back

NOTTINGHAM, June 12 -- "The team management has decided that Shikhar Dhawan will continue to be in England and his progress will be monitored" was the only official update on the opening batsman's inj... Read More

A gesture to talk about amid the boos

London, June 11 -- Yes, you, the Indian cricket fan in the blue jersey who is calling Steve Smith a 'cheater' from the Vauxhall End of the Oval, I'm looking at you. You look all cheerful and smug, thr... Read More

Aussies drown in ocean of runs & blue

London, June 10 -- On a day when the only sprinkle of yellow shirts in the stands, amid the ocean of blue, were fans in Chennai Super Kings kits, India's opening batsmen walked out to bat. This was th... Read More

Newsmaker:The Indian cricket fan

India, June 8 -- You know a sport is of great significance to a nation if a fan who follows the said sport becomes famous for simply being that, a fan. Sudhir Gautam, the body-painted, India map-mohaw... Read More

Thinks like a chess player, spins it like a wizard

SOUTHAMPTON, June 7 -- Around his bony arms, Yuzvendra Chahal wears those elbow-skins that only men with terrific triceps do. It looks odd, for Chahal does not have protruding muscles. But he does hav... Read More

Kuldeep bids to rediscover lost mystery in England

SOUTHAMPTON, June 3 -- Before he comes on to bowl, Kuldeep Yadav doesn't warm up by rotating his arms and shoulders like most bowlers do. Instead, he goes through the motions of his bowling action-the... Read More

A walk through Brixton: Cricket lies buried here

Mumbai, June 1 -- The boom box outside Brixton Station is playing 'Sunday Morning' by Gregory Isaacs, the late great reggae artist. The man standing behind the boom box and smiling through a mouth ful... Read More