India shipped 46.6 mn units in Q3 2019, Realme fastest growing vendor: IDC Report

New Delhi, Nov. 11 -- Indian smartphone market had yet another successful quarter as phone companies led by the Chinese vendors shipped 46.6 million units in Q3 2019 ending September, registering a 26... Read More

Uttar Pradesh prisons turn to AI-based video surveillance to monitor inmates

New Delhi, Nov. 8 -- Law enforcement agencies world over are turning to AI (artificial intelligence), UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles), and face recognition to fight crime. India, not to be left behind... Read More

Panasonic Lumix DC-G95: A mirrorless camera for creators

New Delhi, Nov. 7 -- Aimed at professional content creators, Panasonic's new Lumix DC-G95 is a compact mirrorless camera with interchangeable lens and a bevy of video-centric features. It retains the... Read More

Microsoft announces Quantum computing ambitions with Azure Quantum and improved quantum system

New Delhi, Nov. 5 -- Hot on the heels of Google's claim of quantum supremacy, Microsoft has announced its quantum computing based cloud ecosystem named Azure Quantum for developers and enterprises. Th... Read More

India is on radar of hackers stealing card details from ATM machines

New Delhi, Oct. 31 -- Stolen credit and debit card details are among the top items on sale on the Dark Web (part of the internet that is not indexed). Cybersecurity firm Sixgil puts the number of cred... Read More

Apple's net profit, revenue decline in 2018-19, but year ahead looks promising

New Delhi, Oct. 29 -- India smartphone market continues to be hard nut to track for Apple. Despite several price cuts and discounts on older iPhones, Apple's revenue and net profit has fallen to Rs.10... Read More

Apple's new AirPods Pro boasts active noise cancellation and costs more than predecessor

New Delhi, Oct. 28 -- With the buzz around the new iPhones and Apple Watches still fresh, Apple has rushed in a new pair of wireless earphones called AirPods Pro. Successor to second generation AirPod... Read More

Pranav Mistry joins the pantheon of Indians at helm of major tech companies

New Delhi, Oct. 26 -- Gujarat-born Pranav Mistry, known for his work on Sixth Sense, a gesture-controlled wearable computer developed at MIT Labs, has been appointed as the President and CEO of STAR L... Read More

72% company heads in India feel cloud security sufficient: Report

New Delhi, Oct. 24 -- The notion that public cloud networks are secure by default and that no additional layer of security deployment is required on the part of the companies is widely prevalent among... Read More

Quantum supremacy: Who will win the race--Google or IBM?

New Delhi, Oct. 24 -- Researchers at Google say they have landed a major breakthrough in the field of quantum computing to achieve the haloed quantum supremacy. In a research paper published in scient... Read More