Fatima Al-Fihri: The Mother of Moroccan Intellectuals

Rabat, June 11 -- One such figure is Fatima bint Muhammad Al-Fihriya (also known as Fatima al-Fihri) who was born from humble beginnings in A.D. 800 in modern-day Tunisia. Al-Fihri is credited with fo... Read More

Captain John in Morocco: Pirate, Head of State, Migrant at Home

Rabat, June 3 -- Rais was a pirate born in the Netherlands in 1575. He fought the Spanish Empire alongside his Dutch troops and, after his arrest in 1681 near the Canary Islands, joined the Ottoman pi... Read More

Charif Al-Idrisi: Revisiting the Biography of the Greatest Geographer

Rabat, May 29 -- King Roger II invited Charif al-Idrisi to his kingdom and gave him a high ranking in the kingdom's scientific circles. He also named Charif al-Idrisi as head of a group of scientists,... Read More

Hasan al-Wazzan: Leo Africanus or the Oppressed Legend

Rabat, May 23 -- Other historical figures have been sadly left out of the limelight, leaving us ignorant of their stories and lasting influence. One such legend is Hasan ibn Muhammad al-Wazzan al-Fasi... Read More