Beyond Knee-Jerk Measures

India, Nov. 4 -- The writing on the wall is clear that if measures are not taken on a war-footing to improve the quality of atmospheric air, the health of the people of Delhi and its neighbouring sate... Read More

Nutrition Challenges

India, Oct. 28 -- The global burden of malnutrition remains a cause for worry as nearly half of all deaths in children under five years is linked to poor nutrition. India is the home to one fifth of t... Read More

Passion, Power & Money

India, Oct. 21 -- The Koodathayi murders which unfolded over a period of 14 years between 2002 and 2016 in Kerala's Kozhikode is a classic example to show that how the lust for money can drive human b... Read More

Glimmer Of Hope

India, Oct. 14 -- In 1991, the National Literacy Mission had declared Kerala a 100 per cent literate state. More recently the School Education Quality Index (SEQI), released by the NITI Aayog has plac... Read More

NEET Has To Stay

India, Oct. 7 -- India has one doctor for 1630 patients against one for every 1000 as recommended by the World Health Organisation. Becoming a doctor is the dream of many. It is considered a noble pro... Read More

Right To Live With Dignity

India, Sept. 30 -- Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi received the Global Goalkeeper Award in recognition of his efforts in providing safe sanitation in India. Yes, Swacch Bharat Mission, launched... Read More

Last & Final Wake-Up Call

India, Sept. 23 -- The manner in which an illegal banner, put up on a road divider by a ruling party functionary, fell on 23-year old Subasri riding a two-wheeler, sending her off-balance and under a ... Read More

Zero Tolerance

India, Sept. 16 -- The recently amended Motor Vehicles Act that seeks to tighten road traffic regulations besides imposing stricter penalties for violations has been grabbing headlines ever since it w... Read More

No Room For Complacency

India, Sept. 9 -- India is said to have the largest public health care system in the world. As per current population estimate of 1.35 billion, a doctor population ratio at 1:867 (Ayurveda, Unani, Hom... Read More

Worth Pursuing

India, Sept. 2 -- The need for environmental cleanliness is a goal worth pursuing in the right earnest. Yes, the Government's resolve to curb single-use plastic from October 2, coinciding with the 15... Read More