Indian Army 'discovers' footprints of the mythical Yeti, inviting ridicule on social media

Kathmandu, April 30 -- The Indian Army has finally found footprints of the mythical Yeti, according to a tweet by the Additional Directorate General of Public Information for the Indian Army. In the ... Read More

Should the government tell kids what to play ?

Kathmandu, April 13 -- In a 2010 interview with New York Times, the late Steve Jobs responding to Nick Bilton's question if his kids loved the iPad said, "They haven't used it. We limit how much techn... Read More

Patan wants to become a cycle city. But can it pull it off?

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Nepali children born today will have their lives shortened by 30 months

Kathmandu, April 4 -- Toxic air will shorten children's lives by almost two years and will have the greatest impact in South Asia, according to a special report on global exposure to air pollution and... Read More

Kathmandu's taxi drivers say the meter fare is killing them

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