Kenya's tourism lobby draws up four 'opening' protocols

Nairobi, June 3 -- The tourism sector in Kenya is working on four protocols that will ensure a safe reopening and maximum impact of the $56 million stimulus package injected by the government. The pr... Read More

Billions in investments at risk as transit cargo moves to Naivasha

Nairobi, June 3 -- Investment worth billions of shillings in logistics is expected to be rendered idle as a directive on evacuation of transit cargo from the Port of Mombasa to Naivasha takes effect t... Read More

EAC leads other regional blocs as most integrated

Nairobi, June 2 -- The East Africa Community bloc has been ranked the best integrated among the eight Regional Economic Communities in Africa, while the Southern Africa Development Community was least... Read More

SGR standoff as Uganda rejects Naivasha port deal

Nairobi, May 31 -- Uganda has backed out of a deal that requires all goods imported through Kenya with final destinations being neighbouring land-locked countries be transported on the standard gauge ... Read More

Efforts paying off as possible Covid-19 cures enter final stage

Nairobi, May 30 -- There is hope for a Covid-19 vaccine with eight out of 100 worldwide projects going into clinical trial stage this week, with health experts however concerned by whether when finall... Read More

KPA offers extended free storage at Naivasha ICD

Nairobi, May 26 -- The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) has extended free storage period to importers using the Naivasha Inland Container Depot (ICD) for their transit cargo to entice countries in the hint... Read More

Naivasha depot to host all EAC cargo

Nairobi, May 23 -- All cargo destined for Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan will be transported via standard gauge railway (SGR) for clearance at the Naivasha Inland Container Depot (ICD) starting June 1... Read More

Imported cars now among essential goods in EA

Nairobi, May 23 -- Despite border closures and rows over testing of cargo truck drivers, East Africa Community governments have agreed to include imported motor vehicles as essential goods. They have ... Read More

Container traffic on the decline at Mombasa port

Nairobi, May 19 -- The Port of Mombasa recorded a 2.1 per cent decline in container traffic in the first quarter of this year compared with the same period last year. This casts doubts on the goal of ... Read More

Cargo piles up at port over slow testing of transit drivers

Nairobi, May 15 -- The Port of Mombasa is facing a pile-up of goods as majority of truck drivers are yet to been tested and issued with Covid-19-free certificates, a move that risks derailing movement... Read More