NADA compliance bursts Indian cricket's bubble

New Delhi, Aug. 14 -- With the sports ministry cracking the whip on the dope testing issue, it is as if Indian cricket has to deal with its own Article 370 moment. Indian cricket's bubble of lofty det... Read More

Coach selection shows India in poor light

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Players' body inadequate in scope

New Delhi, July 31 -- Will the players' association work? The unluckiest dismissal in cricket is a batsman getting run out without facing a ball, at the non-striker's end while backing up. The new B... Read More

Don't expect a choreographed exit from Dhoni

New Delhi, July 24 -- Stand straight, click your heels and salute Hony Lt Col MS Dhoni, the wicketkeeper who stumped everyone. Amid intense speculation about his future, he has coolly disappeared for ... Read More

Williamson's humility a lesson for Indian cricket

New Delhi, July 19 -- The World Cup is done, the winner announced, presentations made. Eoin Morgan was at 10, Downing Street to celebrate the win and New Zealand are struggling to come to terms with a... Read More

India's absence spoils ICC party

New Delhi, July 13 -- So sad India suffered the dreaded slip between the World Cup and the lip, going down to a team they'd defeat most days. India were the team to beat and their march seduced everyo... Read More

Power and many shades of Kohli

New Delhi, July 4 -- If India are two steps away from a third World Cup it is largely the result of Virat Kohli's singleminded pursuit of excellence. In the last few years, he has not just captained I... Read More

Players, media and an unequal relationship

New Delhi, June 26 -- The backlash following Pakistan's poor performance again brought into focus the mediaplayer relationship. Even in good times, this is an uncertain partnership, and in bad times i... Read More


New Delhi, June 15 -- Of the two possible threats to the Pakistan game, one subsided as rain clouds were headed elsewhere. The other threat, a political one, has also receded. Ahead of the 'mother of ... Read More

MSD's gloves & superstar culture

New Delhi, June 12 -- Now that MSD has dropped the logo from his keeping gloves the dust has settled and the noise subsided. But this "non-issue" (so described by a senior official) will haunt and hur... Read More