Japan for safe repatriation of Rohingyas with UN cooperation

Dhaka, April 17 -- Japan has laid emphasis on safe, voluntary repatriation of Rohingyas with dignity under the cooperation of the United Nations (UN) noting that there is no "enough" support for them.... Read More

Bangladesh set to see more Japanese entrepreneurs: Envoy

Dhaka, April 16 -- Japanese Ambassador in Dhaka Hiroyasu Izumi has said the Special Economic Zone for Japanese investors in Bangladesh and the One Stop Service Act are likely to attract more Japanese ... Read More

Bangladesh to become "preferred destination" for Swiss businesses

Dhaka, April 8 -- Switzerland has said Bangladesh will become a "more preferred destination" for Swiss businesses in the future with further improved infrastructures and energy supply, regulatory pred... Read More

Switzerland for resolving Rohingya crisis respecting int'l laws

Dhaka, April 6 -- Switzerland has reiterated that all efforts towards resolving the Rohingya crisis must be guided by respect for obligations under international laws, particularly human rights law. ... Read More

Bangladesh needs to find space for wildlife, says a global expert

Dhaka, March 24 -- Bangladesh, like many other countries, needs to find space for both the wildlife and its people keeping in mind that biodiversity is important for the world, says a renowned global ... Read More

Child protection in Rohingya camps still a priority for JRP

Dhaka, Feb. 16 -- As children face "serious protection risks", including psychosocial distress, neglect, abuse, separation from caregivers, sexual violence, child marriage and labour, child protection... Read More