In Nepal, democracy is a sham

Nepal, June 11 -- Regardless of the gravity and urgency of the motion currently being debated, a large number of seats in the parliament hall remain invariably empty. The scene in recent days has not ... Read More

Renewed recourse to recentralisation

Nepal, May 28 -- The federal government now appears to be in an inexorable recourse to recentralisation by trampling on the country's nascent federal constitutional edifice. Addressing a public functi... Read More

Figment of third force

Nepal, May 14 -- Deputy Prime Minister Upendra Yadav and former prime minister Baburam Bhattarai created a new political outfit named Samajwadi Party-Nepal (Socialist Party Nepal) on May 7 after mergi... Read More

New face of BRI

Kathmandu, April 30 -- If Chinese President Xi Jinping's keynote address to the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in the Chinese capital Beijing last Friday is any indication, a... Read More

Gearing towards a Hindu republic

Kathmandu, April 16 -- Political forces of diverse ideologies are now vying to restore Nepal 'back' to a Hindu state. The monarchs of the Shah dynasty during their long reign spanning 240 years and 13... Read More

Kudos with caution

Kathmandu, April 2 -- The government of Nepal, quite deservedly, is buoyed by the successful completion of the Nepal Investment Summit organised in Kathmandu from March 29-30. However, real success in... Read More