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Are you searching images for an article, or as a stand-alone? We offer high quality photos for any digital or print medium!

HT photographers click perfect images of personalities and events in entertainment, politics, sports, business, human interest and others. You can also buy images from our archives dating back to early 1960s. Whether you are looking for a photo as an accompaniment to an article, or any specific image as a stand-alone, we can license it for use in any digital or print medium.

Are you facing problems in sourcing branded news for your publication? Get current, exclusive reports and analysis from Hindustan Times and Hindustan, two of Indias most respected and leading English and Hindi dailies!

Hindustan Times, the flagship newspaper of HT Media, is today the newspaper of choice of over 3.7 million Indians. It is the market leader of the National Capital Region and has in the last decade rapidly expanded its footprint across the length and breadth of the country. The newspaper has editions published from Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Patna, Ranchi and Kolkata, thus dominating most of the country. On the other hand, Hindustan is one of the most widely read newspapers in the Hindi segment. It is known for its unflinching commitment to journalistic integrity and its fair, unbiased and balanced news reporting and analyses.

Content Outsourcing
Content Outsourcing

Are you finding it difficult to get good content even after contacting so many publications? We are South Asia’s largest content aggregator, syndicating articles from nearly 200 publications!

HTDS Content Services provides you a single-point facility to access and use content from multiple sources. We aggregate, authenticate, package and deliver news, videos, columns and analyses from nearly 200 publications from around the world 24X7. The content can be licensed for use in any digital or print medium.

Big Story Package

First of its kind, a customized collection of best stories, perspectives, images and videos on a news event that leaves a large impact on people and that resurfaces from time to time and keeps hitting the headlines. It is delivered in an interactive digital bulletin board format to you, and includes at least 15 articles, 10-15 related images and infographics, and 1-3 videos, providing you a well-rounded coverage of an event.

Content Outsourcing

Is irrelevant and delayed content shrinking your mobile subscriber base? We provide the best mobile snippets, images and videos for mobile users!

We are the leading provider of mobile content, covering not only news, jokes, tips, cricket scores and cinema updates, but also rich content, like videos, images and audios. Our skilled writers and editors, and access to nearly 200 publications give us an edge over other mobile content providers.

Are you hunting for raw or consumer-ready video content? From offering videos of reputable broadcasters to producing unique and engaging video content, we do it all!

HTDS Content Services produces exclusive short videos on current news and general interest topics covering entertainment, business, sports, lifestyle, travel, health and culture. Also, we syndicate videos from reputed broadcasters like ANI, BON Cloud, etc.