Purwokerto, C Java, Nov. 24 -- The State Logistics Agency (Bulog) has assured that the stocks of rice at its warehouses across Indonesia are sufficient to meet the nation's needs until the end of 2022.

"Bulog's rice stock is enough until the end of this year because it currently stands at 600 thousand tons," Director of Human Capital at Bulog, Purnomo Sinar Hadi, informed after addressing a seminar at Jenderal Sudirman University in Purwokerto, Central Java, on Thursday.

Over the past few years, the national rice needs have averaged 600 thousand to 700 thousand tons per year. However, the rice needs have risen in recent months, he said.

"This is an anomaly. (As) many rice fields are affected by disasters, the rice price has soared. Whe...