Chandigarh health department gears up to combat vector-borne diseases, well in advance

Chandigarh, April 25 -- Much before the onset of monsoon, larvae of mosquitoes (aedes aegypti) - responsible for spreading dengue, chikungunya - have been found at two locations: Forest nursery in Sec... Read More

Top cop who led probe in Asaram rape case received 2,000 threat letters, phone calls

India, April 25 -- Senior police officer Ajay Pal Lamba received more than 2,000 threatening letters and hundreds of phone calls while he was overseeing the investigation in the rape case against self... Read More

The Taste with Vir Sanghvi: Indian hospitality is among the best in the world

India, April 25 -- Ask a Western hotelier about his competitors in the rest of the world and sooner or later, he will start talking about 'Asian hospitality'. Press him a little and he will explain wh... Read More

Missing CA's phone tracked to Wadala, Sion, Bandra, say Mumbai police

Mumbai, April 25 -- The Mumbai crime branch investigating the mysterious disappearance of chartered accountant Kirti Vyas from Grant Road has tracked her phone to several locations and found that she ... Read More

Every 15 minutes, a child is subjected to sexual offence: CRY report

Lucknow, April 25 -- Every 15 minutes, a sexual offence is committed against a child in India, as per an analysis by CRY (Child Rights and You) that shows a steady rise in sexual offences against chil... Read More

Collapse of humanity

Srinagar, April 25 -- The central government, On Saturday, passed an ordinance that allows stringent punishments for sexual violence against children, including the death penalty for those convicted o... Read More

India and China: Over to the leaders

Srinagar, April 25 -- If war has become too important to be left to the generals in the modern era, high-stakes diplomacy is too important to be left to the diplomats. In agreeing to an "informal summ... Read More

Follow Mayawati for salvation

Srinagar, April 25 -- MAYAWATI is an Indian politician but she has a great message for Pakistan. Why? She has an excellent idea for all troubled democracies, not the least her very own India. Mayawati... Read More

'Saudi First' is changing the contours of West Asia

Srinagar, April 25 -- Can nationalism ever be a good thing? It depends. The lack of response by Arab states to the Israeli military's recent attack on Palestinian protestors illustrates the regional c... Read More

Echo Spot: Amazon's new smart speaker with small screen launched in India

India, April 25 -- Amazon on Wednesday launched a new Echo device in India. Echo Spot comes with a small screen, a speaker and is powered by Amazon's digital assistant Alexa. Echo Spot is priced at Rs... Read More