Shortage of important drugs persists in pharmacies

LAHORE, Dec. 12 -- Some loopholes in the procedure of quota allocation of controlled substances to pharmaceutical companies are hurting millions of patients due to shortage of important drugs. The 59... Read More

CM imposes ban on child labour at Sunday Bazaars

LAHORE, Dec. 12 -- Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar held meetings with different people coming from various districts on Tuesday. He went to their seats, listened to their problems and issued on-th... Read More

Kidnapped girl recovered by city police

Pakistan, Dec. 12 -- City Police (Operations Wing) recovered a kidnapped girl (university student) from an accused who had kept her in a private hotel on Tuesday. In continuation of a grand operation... Read More

Govt's size should be reduced in order to curb extra expenditures: economist

Pakistan, Dec. 12 -- A seminar was held at Government College University (GCU) on Tuesday on Policy Options to Address Structural Weaknesses in Pakistan's Economy. Speaking on the occasion, eminent e... Read More

USAID to launch five mother & child hospitals in Punjab

Pakistan, Dec. 12 -- The United States for International Development (USAID) offered its cooperation for setting up five mother and child hospitals in different districts of Punjab on Tuesday. USAID ... Read More

Give basic needs to poor people

Sir, Dec. 12 -- Democracy represents the good governance and controlled the poverty and distribution of equal rights. In the modern era people living without electricity, lack of basic health faciliti... Read More

Movement Nirmala

Nepal, Dec. 12 -- Justice for Nirmala should not end with arresting the perpetrator(s). It should assure other vulnerable girls an environment to enjoy their childhood without fear "Do you know that ... Read More

Trafficking-free Nepal

Nepal, Dec. 12 -- Lack of employment opportunities within Nepal has forced many Nepali women to move to foreign lands, where they get trafficked Political transformation of Nepal from a decade-long w... Read More

Pakistan needs to decriminalise suicide

Pakistan, Dec. 12 -- Every 40 seconds, a person in the world dies by suicide. According to the World Health Organisation, 800,000 people die due to suicide every year. For every person who ends his/he... Read More

Netflix to make its first African original series

Pakistan, Dec. 12 -- Netflix has ordered its first African original series, a move its star says is "going to change the game for every artist on this continent." According to Variety, Queen Sono will... Read More