Extrajudicial measures can't be condoned

NEW DELHI, March 21 -- Madhya Pradesh chief minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, has a way with words - one that often leads him from one controversy to another. At times it can be passed off as hardsell;... Read More

Little to do with dividing Hindus

NEW DELHI, March 21 -- Those who are arguing that the Karnataka government's move to grant minority religious status to the Lingayats of Karnataka will set Hindus against each other and is an attempt ... Read More


NEW DELHI, March 21 -- Who has the ultimate power? God? No, the ultimate power lies within us. Unless and until we don't realise this fact, we'll end up doing nothing but praying to God to give us eve... Read More

Ingenuity can touch the lives of the marginalised

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Ending tuberculosis by 2025 isn't impossible

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Don't reward Islamabad for its lies

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Don't let minor issues derail bigger goals

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Congress gets ready for battle

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AAP in Punjab is proving to be its own worst enemy

NEW DELHI, March 19 -- The politics of no-holds-barred tirades has its limits. This is a hard lesson that Arvind Kejriwal has learnt by tendering an unqualified apology to Akali leader Bikram Singh Ma... Read More