Freedom is just another word

NEW DELHI, April 10 -- How would you like to remember the battle of Champaran? As a special milestone in India's war for Independence that gave a meaningful turn to the struggle that has its origins in human suffering? A passage of time that brought Mohandas on the warpath that took him from being a man to a Mahatma? Or, will you call it the heralding of a revolution that inspired people of repute in the society to stand shoulder to shoulder with... Read More

Dishonesty will compromise the quality of life

NEW DELHI, April 6 -- Sometimes, we find that people achieve their objectives by dishonest means. Successful people in the field of business, politics and even religious preaching achieve objectives by tricks and dishonest ways. Therefore we tend to believe that honesty is not very effective in today's world.

Close scrutiny, however, reveals otherwise. Undoubtedly people achieve their short term objectives by dishonest means but they are invaria... Read More

No moats around Indian e-commerce sites

NEW DELHI, April 6 -- After burning billions in venture capital, Indian e-commerce companies are now realising that there's no such thing as unlimited funding, impressive losses are a thing of the past and they need real profits. Investors who were hitherto encouraging entrepreneurs to acquire customers at any cost and show meaningless GMV (gross merchandise value) have all flipped in a snap and are now pushing the same entrepreneurs to urgently ... Read More

No one remembers the struggle, it's the score that counts

NEW DELHI, April 5 -- Picture this: two top football teams are playing in the Champion's League - the top tournament for European clubs. In the first leg, PSG wins by a margin of 4-0 over the formidable BFC. The second leg is full of drama. BFC manages three goals. Now the score line stands at 4-3. PSG scores near half-time, and now BFC must score three more goals to win. They accomplish this in the final seven minutes and manage to win the match... Read More

A phoenix moment for liberal parties

NEW DELHI, April 5 -- In a democracy there is no such thing as permanence. It is, therefore, surprising that the media reads the emergence of the BJP across India as a reassertion, the return of legitimacy and the rejection of pretenders.

Attempts to draw validation of that from the election of Donald Trump, the Brexit result, and the sweep of the Right in most parts of Europe are misplaced, because though defeated in the polls, the Liberals are... Read More


NEW DELHI, March 19 -- It's not every day that you get to see the sanctification of a new tirtha I did this month in Nepal. Life can surprise you with 'coincidences'. You could say that this adventure began last month on Mahashivratri. Eleven kinds of abhishek (symbolic ritual pouring) were offered to the shivling at my colony temple. It was remarkable to watch south Indians chanting the Rudram, a Bengali elegantly doing the abhishek and north In... Read More


NEW DELHI, March 19 -- I had been struggling to concentrate... Something weird was happening in my guts. I knew I shouldn't have had two sausage rolls... I was convinced I was about to detonate... Nothing made sense to any one of my senses. This was possession, pure and simple," writes journalist Eleanor Morgan, describing her first ever panic attack during her double biology class on Mitochondria. Morgan who has worked with The Guardian, Vogue a... Read More


NEW DELHI, March 19 -- In about a month, Delhi will hold its municipal elections. These elections will test if Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party remains as popular as it was when it swept to power in the state with a historic mandate two years ago. The upcoming polls will also bear out if Prime Minister Narendra Modi's appeal is strong enough to help the BJP, which currently controls Delhi's municipalities, overcome the anti-incumbency mood among... Read More

If you want to fly high, be prepared to leave the ground

NEW DELHI, Jan. 27 -- The Dalia Lama once said, "Change will not come from the sky, you have to work for it." It is extreme pressure that transforms carbon into sparkling diamonds.

We are all heroes in our life journey, trying to become better with every passing day. So, it is important to live life to its full potential.

Once, a boy lost his vision. He was depressed and scared about his future. Seeing him cry, his father told him:"Don't keep y... Read More

'Winnability' has given a halo to criminals

NEW DELHI, Jan. 27 -- We can be justifiably proud of our Election Commission of India(ECI)and its conduct of elections. Elections are held on time, every time, and the transition of power is invariably smooth, unlike in many other countries.

Yet if a fault line that has developed over the last three decades that is even more worrying than the misuse of "money" power, it is the growing number of parliamentarians and legislators with criminal ante... Read More