A concrete narrative

India, Dec. 11 -- Cement as an art material has so far been seen in sculptures and 3D installations but artist Sitaram Swain has brought it into paintings by making it into a pigment. "It is a comple... Read More

Delhi's largest Pop Culture meet

India, Dec. 10 -- From Sacred Games to Game of Thrones , the boundaries that define popular culture keep expanding and have become elastic. This has given space to events like Comic Con to become a ce... Read More

'Actors, stuntmen need to help each other'

India, Dec. 1 -- Vladimir Furdik's character, the Night King, in The Game of Thrones has come to be one of the pivotal ones. When the show began, the Night King was almost a myth but of epic proportio... Read More

Yarns with a twist

India, Dec. 1 -- Well, seems textile engineering is the buzzword for reimagined fashion. Studios like Akaaro, which define themselves as organic chic, have looms and create their textile, which can ta... Read More

Shepherds of darkness

India, Nov. 29 -- When you walk down the green pathways of the Italian Embassy you realise that a beautifully manicured garden lit up with carefully designed lights can transport you to different mood... Read More

'Diversity is our strength'

India, Nov. 27 -- She holds many mantles - politician, the first woman President of Mauritius and a biodiversity scientist. Not only that, she is also a proponent of cultural diversity and creating en... Read More

Where the mind is without fear

India, Nov. 24 -- Her parents knew the dangers of sending their daughters, dressed as boys, to school under the rule of Taliban and yet they did it. Back then, Shabana Basij-Rasikh thought them cruel ... Read More

The unfamiliar revolution

India, Nov. 24 -- A mini revolution is afoot on heels, wheels and mobile phones. The lgbtq+ community is no longer an underground culture but is grabbing the bull by the horns and has begun to enter p... Read More

A room of one's own

India, Nov. 23 -- An amalgam of cultures in the 1870s India was not unheard of though not talked about much in contemporary times. "Those blurring of lines between the social, sexual and the creative ... Read More

Pride of the Nation

India, Nov. 20 -- Luxury has been synonymous with hand-made crafts and customised comforts in India, a boutique quality of living that was quite commonly ingrained though exaggerated as a showpiece by... Read More