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Hizbut Towhid outlawed in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Sept. 15 -- Following publication of series of investigative reports and editorial commentaries in Weekly Blitz, Bangladesh government, on the basis of intelligence reports has banned anti-Semitic Islamist militancy group Hizbut Towhid [Hizb Ut Towhid] and has asked intelligence and law enforcement agencies to continue offensives on this group and stop it from distributing Jihadist and hate materials. It may be mentioned here that, Hizbut Towhid [Hizb Ut Towhid] was founded by Bayezid Khan Panni alias Selim Panni, who proclaims to be "Imamuj Jaman" and encourages members of his organization of waging war against Jews and Christians around the world. It also denounces democracy and democratic institution by terming it as "code of Satan" and calls upon the members of Hizbut Towhid [Hizb Ut Towhid] to take preparations for stating "revolt" against "every democratic government and institution in the world". Hizbut Towhid [Hizb Ut Towhid] also criticizes several basic codes of Islam, where religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence is advised to all the Muslims. Bayezid Khan Panni alias Selim Panni and his Hizbut Towhid [Hizb Ut Towhid] came into limelight in 2009 when Weekly Blitz first exposed the hidden agenda of this notorious Jihadist group and also exposed hidden activities of Hizbut Towhid [Hizb Ut Towhid] in Bangladesh and some other countries in the world. With its headquarters in Bangladesh, Hizbut Towhid has established branch in Malaysia as well deployed its male and female wings of Jihadist cadres in a number of Western nations. The organization also has established links with Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Lashkar-e-Toiba, Sipaha Sahaba and militancy groups based in Indian portion of Jammu and Kashmir.

Hizbut Towhid [Hizb Ut Towhid] has been following a unique style of collecting fund mostly from the affluent people in the Muslim societies. Kingpin of the organization, Bayezid Khan Panni calls upon the Muslims in donating money from the Zakat [Islamic Charity] fund to Hizbut Towhid [Hizb Ut Towhid] for "continuing activities in establishing Islamic rule in the world". It also calls upon young Muslim males and females in "dedicating life" for the "holy cause" of waging "Jihad against the Judeo-Christian" population. The organization has a suicide squad comprising mostly females, with the agenda of causing "optimum loss" to Jews and Christians as well as "slaves of democracy" in the Western societies. Guerilla training and orientation to the female members of the suicide squad of Hizbut Towhid [Hizb Ut Towhid] is secretly given inside the Bangladesh headquarters of the organization as well as in Jammu and Kashmir in India, Palestine and Afghanistan [including Pakistani frontiers]. Hizbut Towhid [Hizb Ut Towhid] also has highly-educated posh female cadres in its suicide squad, some of whom are infected with HIV virus with the dangerous agenda of spreading this deadly disease amongst Jews and Christians in the world....

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